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Offers for Chinese domestic spot aluminum alloy ADC12 were holding steady amid a lackluster market with market participants adopting a cauti
Weak demand saw China& 39;s imports of toluene plunged to a near six-year low in August, with market sources expecting the bearish
China& 39;s silicon metal exports for 2014 are expected to be slightly above 800,000 mt, up from 600,000-700,000 mt projected earlier
Northwestern China& 39;s Shaanxi province, the country& 39;s third largest coal production base, produced 50 42 million mt of raw coal i
China imported 55 37 million mt of iron ore from Australia in July, up 33 5% year on year and 10% from June, data released Friday by
China& 39;s ex-works Henan spot alumina price closed the week Friday at Yuan 2,470 mt ($401 mt) for 70:30 cash and credit payment terms, unch

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On July 11, a ship that named "fanata" arrived in Vopak,discharged 8000 tons of methanol, from Saudi Arabia
Ningbo Ethylene glycol to port ship report
On May 30, a ship that named "tabuke " arrived in Vopak,discharged 7493 tons of methanol, from Taicang
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